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Champion Hunters gameplay and guide

Open world exploration and in-game NFTs collection

Embark on a journey through the stunning 3D environment world of Valdoria. Hunt Champion monsters and gain experience through combat, exploration and quests.


Skills and magic spells

Skills are effective way to battle enemies as it gives a huge amount of damage and capable of hitting multiple enemies at the same time. Spells are also used to heal, buff, strengthen your defense and speed up your movements. To acquire skills and spells, the player must offer a combination of runes to the fairy and she will bestow upon you the gift of new power.


Just like humans, characters in Champion Hunters has the capacity to get weary and gradually lose their energy when engaged in battles and exploration. Energy must be observed to maximize its full potential.
  • Each basic attack cost 1 energy
  • Skills cost more energy depending on its power level
  • There are different items to refill your energy
  • Raising your energy stats will give your character more energy to use.

Champion Assist

After completing the summoner shrine quest, you will have the option to call your teammates to help you in combat temporarily.
  • Summons other characters to help you in battle.
  • Assist gauge fills up every time you attack or when taking a damage.
  • Maximum of 3 basic attacks per summon.

Heat Strike

  • Heat strike, attacks an enemy with 3 combos without consuming energy.
  • Heat gauge fills up every time a player attacks in series.
  • Heat gauge depletes over time when not attacking.


After reaching a specific map on a certain level, a quest will be available teaching you how to fly.
  • Flying consumes stamina over time.
  • Different wings can be unlocked by completing quests.

Shape Shift

After reaching a specific map on a certain level, a quest will be available teaching you how to magically transform your body into a new creature.
  • There are several creatures to choose from. Each has different skills and abilities.


  • Killing monsters gives experience to a character.
  • When a player is 4 levels higher than the enemy's level, the experience will be divided in half.
  • Enemies drop various items/materials that can be used in forging, crafting and cooking.
  • Completing quests also gives you experience points.
  • Level cap is at LVL 50 (will be raised on the next update).


Find my cat quest
  • Main quest: Important for story progression.
  • Sub quest: Gives additional rewards and unlocks new storyline.
  • Quest rewards: Experience, items, equipment, skills and Sopi.

Loots and Chests

  • Ground loots and chests are scattered around Valdoria.
  • There are 3 types of chest: wooden, iron and golden chest.
  • Some chests have condition requirements before they can be opened.
  • Some chests requires a key to be opened.
  • keys can be acquired from the chest master NPC.


  • Sells potions, food and other items.
  • Traveling merchant: Find him travelling around the map on different locations.
  • Village merchant fixed locations.


  • Allows you to craft your own equipment by providing the Catsmith specific materials.
  • Allows you to upgrade your equipment.
  • All equipment can be upgraded up to 5 stars.
  • Upgrading chances of success: 2 star = 80%, 3 star = 60%, 4 star =40%, 5 star = 20%.
  • Failed upgrade does not destroy the equipment but materials used will be consumed.
  • Upgrading cost tokens, failed upgrades burn tokens*.


  • Create a group of strong champions to defend your land or to capture other lands. Joining a guild gives members some stats boost and privileges depending on the guild’s achievements.

Land Owning

  • Players can acquire a piece of land
  • Random ore deposits, harvest-able plant, and loots will spawn around the map
  • The more land you own, the better chance of harvest
  • Allows farming

NFT Marketplace

  • Can only be accessed by players with a market pass (bought using CShard token).
  • Here players can buy and sell their loots, runes, equipment, characters, pets, items.
  • Currency used here is the CShard token.
  • Players can sell in their preferred price.
  • Players can sell items by stack (example: 80x Gellaty sells for 3 tokens).


Battle against other players, participate in the tournaments and claim rewards.


  • Fairies are offered champion runes in exchange for learning new skills.
  • Champion runes offered have different effects depending on its combination.
  • Once all required runes are offered, Fairies will give you access to new areas.

Dark lord’s Watchers

  • The strongest type of enemy in every region (summoned by the dark lord).
  • They roam around the map to track and destroy everyone.
  • They can escape a battle when hurt.
  • They have the best drop items.
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