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Champion Hunters Game Characters

Characters (Hunters)

  • Starting the game gives you a free class C character.
  • Recruiting new characters requires CHAMP tokens and a random class character can be obtained. A maximum of 4 characters can be used on your adventure.
  • There are 5 classes of characters which define their natural power, Class C hunter being the most common and class SS (Super Special) being the most powerful. (SS > S > A > B > C).
  • Recruitment probability:
    • Class C = 37%
    • Class B = 33%
    • Class A = 20%
    • Class S = 9.7%
    • Class SS = .3%
    • Characters can also be traded at the marketplace
    • New character types will be added in future game updates

Sample class initial stats:


Choose how you build your character each time you level up through upgrading their specific traits.
Each level up gives 3 upgrade points that can be used to make the character stronger
  • Heart - Health (maximum Health points)
  • Power - Damage (increases amount of damage to enemy)
  • Body - Defense (lowers damage taken from enemy)
  • Energy - Stamina (raises max energy and stamina)
  • Focus- Critical (Raises critical chance: Critical attacks makes double damage)